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Effective Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital marketing in 2019 has already been a roller coaster ride for many agencies providing SEO and PPC services. If you throw in the ever-changing world of PPC and social media it’s no wonder why many agencies are continuing to trim the fat and cut down the services they offer. It’s hard to be an expert in every facet of digital marketing, and the reality is that most agencies aren’t staffed with manpower to accommodate the needs of today’s businesses. We are starting to see many cross-platform agency relationships evolving in 2019. Social media experts are leaning on SEO agencies, and Organic SEO agencies are leaning on PPC campaign managers. Why? Because each of these skill sets is always evolving to the point that it’s next to impossible to stay on top and dominate all these digital marketing angles that are available to businesses.

If you are a business in 2019 and you aren’t using any of the digital marketing strategies I just mentioned, you might as well fold your cards. If you are just using one of these, it’s time to expand on your digital marketing prowess and engage consumers at every possible corner you can. Social, SEO, PPC, Email, and SEM are all valid angles you should be connecting with your audience on. But if you haven’t taken the steps to set up a campaign, or if you haven’t found an agency capable of accommodating your needs, where do you start? Well, there are agencies all across the country that can facilitate your needs, take Modern Influence in Oklahoma City, for example, these extremely witty, business savvy individuals are showing up all across the internet and gobbling up a large market share from their competitors. So what makes them different? They understand these growing trends and they continue to evolve with the times. That being said, here are some helpful tips for you business owners out there looking to improve your presence online with digital marketing.

Why You Should Hire Professional Digital Marketers

First, businesses should not try to tackle these digital marketing projects on their own. Stay in your lane, hire professionals, and let them do what they do. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s something that if you get too involved, it can easily consume you and pull you away from your day to day operations. Trying to learn SEO is going to take you a year at least between research, learning, applying strategy, monitoring results, and eventually finding success. If you work directly with an SEO engineer, they might share enough knowledge of the business with you to help propel you to page 1 on Google. The same goes for working with a SEM specialist, social media specialist, or an email marketing campaign manager. If you don’t have that luxury, good luck digging through the mess that exists online for anyone trying to find effective strategies. Get help, pay a professional, and let them do their job.

Content Is Still King

No matter what your digital marketing strategy is in 2019, content is still king. If you are pushing content to the internet, it better be engaging and consumable by your audience. Content is one thing, but being able to write very targeted material for your niche audience will help to position you as an industry authority in 2019. Digital marketing trends are constantly changing, creating good content will always be valuable regardless of the direction the internet takes in the years to come.

Youtube Video Marketing For Business

Youtube numbers are out of this world. More than 73% of all American consumers engage with Youtube videos on a daily basis. Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and it also happens to be owned by Google. The number of people watching Youtube for entertainment is surprisingly high, then there is an audience that uses Youtube as an educational resource. This platform is free to post content on, makes it easy to share content, comment, and interact with subscribers. Youtube is one of the best social media marketing tools on the internet. More and more people are looking to video for answers. The modern consumer would rather watch a video than read an article, making Youtube an ideal platform to share your message on.

Email Campaigns Are Still Effective

Finding new ways to get your emails noticed will set you apart from the thousands of other emails people receive from digital marketers. Creating a clean list of followers that want to receive emails from your list is the best way to go about it. Spamming unsuspecting consumers with offers that they didn’t sign up to receive is a thing of the past. There are new innovative ways to market effectively with email in 2019. Creating an effective funnel to capture emails, and automated email strings to stay in front of your subscribers is a great way to remain relevant.

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Important

If you want to be successful, you need to be seen. So where should you be going to be seen? Should you be posting flyers at the local bus stop to get your message in front of the hundred people per day that commute on that public transit? Not at all, you want to be where billions of people are communicating and sharing content, and that my friend is social media. Across all the platforms that are available, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and SnapChat (to name a few) there are millions of social interactions that occur daily and your business needs to be in the mix. Some businesses are better for some platforms than others. If your product or service can benefit from video, then Youtube is a platform you should heavily consider. If imagery is engaging for your audience, Instagram might be the primary platform you should be pushing content through. You may need to do some research to find the ideal platform for your business, and the research will pay off if you are able to identify and market to your audience.

Facebook Marketing For Business

You may or may not be a fan of Facebook. For the sake of your business, don’t let your personal preferences interfere with your business making decisions. The world is on Facebook, so should your business. It’s going to take more than simply setting up a Facebook business page to find success, you will need to manage and engage your audience to find success. Posting content regularly for engagement will increase your chances of being successful with Facebook marketing. Facebook lost a lot of trust in 2018 with the data breach that left millions of users exposed to hackers. The primary demographic that uses Facebook is older, the young kids are not a fan. So if the product you are marketing is intended for a younger audience, consider a different social media platform to engage them on.

Instagram Marketing For Business

Facebook bought out Instagram years ago, this makes them less of a competitor and more of a market giant that’s grabbed beyond a fair share of the social media arena. Instagram is far superior to Facebook for image sharing and video sharing from mobile devices and is now the industry leader for image sharing on mobile devices. The social media platform has exceeded a billion users and is easily one of the top platforms among young users.

Chatbots For Lead Generation

Not everyone is embracing the chatbot, but many businesses have jumped on board early to embrace the automation chatbots provide. These virtual communicators will reach out to your audience on your behalf and engage them. This convenient stream of communication is a great way to get leads and find new business opportunities. Utilizing automation in 2019 reduces the need for businesses to rely on employees to handle some of these mundane tasks. This automation will continue to be a factor for digital marketers in 2019.

Mobile Applications In 2019

Mobile apps for businesses are a booming market. Understanding what your audience wants, and providing them with a mobile application to engage with your content, purchase your products, track progress, and grow their business can make a huge difference for your business in 2019.

Voice Search In 2019

Most homes are equipped with an Apple or Amazon device that they call out to for directions, music, shows, and shopping requests. Voice search is also leading the way for mobile users, more and more people are searching on mobile devices through voice search. As popular as voice search has gotten in 2019, it’s still not going to outperform a typed search query.

We have only scratched the surface on these marketing strategies for 2019. Digital marketing trends will continue to evolve and there will always remain relevant avenues to market your business. Things will change, but the concepts will remain the same regardless of the platforms.