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The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads

News provided by: NY Times In the predigital days, advertising agencies were ruled by swaggering creative directors who gorged on lavish client contracts and sometimes created campaigns that set the cultural agenda and captivated the public. Nearly every piece of that equation has changed. Agencies are better informed than ever before about consumers, having amassed[...]
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Landscape of Digital Marketing

News provided by: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the next big thing, it is now a big thing now in digital marketing. All digital marketing operations are now affected by AI-powered tools. From startups to large firms are opting for AI-powered digital marketing tools to enhance campaign planning & decision making. AI-based tools[...]
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Sass as a Strategy: How Netflix’s Twitter Became Just as Entertaining as Its Shows and Movies

News provided by: Fortune Netflix’s social media presence takes on a sassy persona that’s unique for most streaming companies. Sass is nothing new on social media. It’s hard to scroll down even the tamest of Twitter feeds without finding some tongue-in-cheek or envelope-pushing comment. But when it comes to corporate accounts, it’s a bit less[...]
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Three trends shaping programmatic advertising

News provided by: Ecoconsultancy In the ten years since the dawn of programmatic, the industry has seen exponential growth, alongside constant change and complexity. With programmatic now fully implemented into most media strategies, new practices and trends are shaping the industry. Personalization Programmatic customization is now common practice, allowing teams to improve performance and provide[...]
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Digital advertising in 2019 to surpass print, TV for the first time

News provided by: Washington Post This year, the money spent on digital advertising in the United States will surpass that spent on traditional ads for the first time, according to forecasts by eMarketer, representing a landmark inversion of how advertisers budget their resources and highlighting the rise of digital media as platforms seek consumers’ attention.[...]
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