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Sass as a Strategy: How Netflix’s Twitter Became Just as Entertaining as Its Shows and Movies

News provided by: Fortune Netflix’s social media presence takes on a sassy persona that’s unique for most streaming companies. Sass is nothing new on social media. It’s hard to scroll down even the tamest of Twitter feeds without finding some tongue-in-cheek or envelope-pushing comment. But when it comes to corporate accounts, it’s a bit less[...]
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Building and Sustaining a Brand Balance Sheet: How the Best Global Brands Win

News provided by: Money Inc When looking at a successful business, it’s intuitive to think about its balance sheet. Investors pay attention to cash flow, valuation, profit and a host of other metrics to understand the overall health of the company. This quantitative approach is absolutely crucial, but it only tells one side of the[...]
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Wilson Creative Group in Naples launches Sprickit Digital to expand its menu of services

Appears in: Business Observer An established marketing agency in Naples has launched a new digital marketing firm, Sprickit Digital, expanding its business model to offer clients digital marketing technology. The firm, Wilson Creative Group, founded Sprickit Digital to provide programmatic advertising, website design, email marketing, content marketing, storytelling, social media management services, search engine optimization[...]
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Instagram Launches ‘Checkout on Instagram’ to Facilitate In-App Shopping

News provided by: Social Media Today It’s happening. After edging towards e-commerce for some time, and evolving its various tools to better facilitate on-platform shopping, Instagram is now taking the next step with the introduction of a new checkout option in the app. The new process takes Instagram’s ‘Shopping Tags’ to the next level –[...]
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Sprickit Digital Agency Launches

Sprickit Digital, a new digital marketing agency, has launched in Naples, Florida. The new digital marketing agency offers its clients digital marketing technology integrated into a proven foundation of strategy, creativity and results. This integration also involves a keen understanding of consumer motivations and behaviors. The digital marketing agency offers programmatic advertising, website design, email[...]
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Digital advertising in 2019 to surpass print, TV for the first time

News provided by: Washington Post This year, the money spent on digital advertising in the United States will surpass that spent on traditional ads for the first time, according to forecasts by eMarketer, representing a landmark inversion of how advertisers budget their resources and highlighting the rise of digital media as platforms seek consumers’ attention.[...]
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